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ООО НитТех

We are an innovative software development company specialized in creation and maintaining web applications and React Native mobile apps

Having vast experience in both prototyping and building of complex enterprise systems, we always work in close with our clients in order to find the best solution, taking into account the quality and the cost.

Instead of making a client pay for “under-the-hood” software, we create a set of templates used to bootstrap the development in advance. It allows us to offer competitive prices and make all our applications follow industry standards with 0-cost: PWA (progressive web applications), CI/CD (continuous integration), SSR (server-side rendering) and more.

One of the essential principles of our work is transparency as we always aim to keep our clients informed about new available technologies, possible pitfalls, actual prices and timelines.

Looking forward to dealing with you and helping with the realization of your future projects!

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Информационные технологии, интернет, телеком2
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